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5er Pack Vileda Microsorb Light Microfasertuch 40x40cm, blau

Das HighTec Microfasertuch für alle glatten und sensieblen Oberflächen.

Reinigt streifen frei - fusslfrei - nachhaltig

Das Profituch unter den KENNERN !

Das Originale aus dem Hause VILEDA / Freudenberg Houshold Products


  • Quick and easy microfibre cleaning
  • Non-woven structure
  • Easy to rinse and clean
  • MicroSorb Light: 130g/m


Microfibre cloths
Nothing cleans deep like microfibres. One wipe removes both
grease and fingerprints, with no scrubbing or drying afterwards.
How? The ultrafine microfibres literally scrape and absorb dirt
from the surface, leaving behind nothing but tiny water droplets.
You save time and money, especially since you can do the job
with a minimum of chemicals – or none at all

5er Pack Vileda MicroSorb 40x40cm Microfasertuch blau TSU 133483 BCU 133489

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